Vision & Mission

UPR Info’s vision is a world where governments, civil society organisations, human rights defenders and all segments of society work together to promote and protect human rights.
UPR Info’s mission is to utilise the United Nations Universal Periodic Review (UPR) to ensure cooperation among all actors, including states, governments, national human rights institutions, civil society, United Nations Agencies, parliamentarians, academics, and media, to implement human rights obligations and commitments.
Universality: UPR Info wholeheartedly affirms the universality of human rights, and deems essential the universal coverage and equal treatment of all issues, countries, and stakeholders.
Transparency: At UPR Info, we are committed to employing and promoting the highest standards of transparency, both internally and externally. We commit to the transparency of our organisational working methods, strive to promote the transparency of States during the Review and Implementation phases of the UPR, and work diligently to make the modalities and developments of the UPR mechanism transparent to all stakeholders.
Impartiality: We hold central the tenet of impartiality, which underpins our unique capacity to act as a neutral facilitator to support the cooperative development of the UPR mechanism through objective, reliable information and interactive dialogue.
Inclusiveness: Through our work both online and offline, we strive to continuously increase the quantity, diversity, accessibility, and active participation of all stakeholders in the UPR process. The UPR is everyone's concern and responsibility.
Ownership: UPR Info is convinced that transformative human rights progress is reliant upon ownership, with empowered national and international stakeholders with strong capacities aligning their goals and efforts to achieve tangible change on the ground.

Agenda for Change

Read our Agenda for Change through the Universal Periodic Review.