Publication of a study on the implementation of 3'000 recommendations

UPR Info is releasing today an overall assessment on the implementation of 3'000 UPR recommendations at mid-term.

The publication "On the road to implementation" presents the results of the Follow-up Programme, which since 2011 compiles data from every stakeholder from countries that are going to be reviewed for a second time from January 2013 to May 2014 (UPR sessions 15 to 19), amounting to 66 States.

The results of this research, conducted over the course of one year and a half, are encouraging: 40 percent of recommendations have triggered actions from States. Taking into account the huge number of recommendations received during the thirteenth UPR session (approximately 150 recommendations per State) and the extent to which recommendations are being implemented at mid-term, the UPR is an effective tool to improve human rights situations on the ground.

Regarding the second UPR cycle and the thirteenth UPR session, the States under review answered to 85 percent of recommendations received. While 100 percent should be the actual aim, it demonstrates that the UPR undoubtedly has emerged from its chrysalis.

The study presents the Follow-up Programme's quantitative and qualitative outcomes, and perspectives and assessments on the thirteenth UPR session as well. Data collected under the aegis of the Follow-up Programme demonstrated very encouraging progress in implementing recommendations at mid-term; however, many challenges are acute and need to be carefully envisaged by the international community as soon as possible.

On the road to implementation