Armenia rejects the 10 recommendations made by Azerbaijan

Armenia rejected ten recommendations made by Azerbaijan during its UPR because it “considered that the country that has submitted them: 1) has repeatedly rejected any cooperation with Armenia within the framework of the UPR, in particular HRC Resolution 5/1, and 2) is conducting apparent propaganda of war and hatred against the Armenians at the level of highest authorities of the country, involving all segments of the population.”

Reviewed on 22 January 2015, Armenia received 189 recommendations. The delegation decided to defer its responses to 179 of them and to reject the ten recommendations coming from Azerbaijan. These recommendations pertained to the issue of discrimination, the rights of the child, torture, minority, freedom of religion, freedom of opinion and expression and association and peaceful assembly, and good governance. Recommendations made on similar issues by other countries were left pending.

During its two reviews in 2009 and 2013, Azerbaijan had also rejected recommendations from Armenia because they had been made by them and because it considered them as "not [being] within the scope of the UPR". At its first UPR in 2010, Armenia accepted all recommendations made by Azerbaijan but one.

Other countries have also rejected recommendations because of the country making them, including Turkey and Syria.

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