Stakeholders Engagement Programme (SEP)


From 2008 to 2018, a significant component of UPR Info’s work consisted in engaging with Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and Recommending States to promote and advance human rights. However, a universal and inclusive call for action requires the participation of a wider range of actors. To make the UPR mechanism a powerful tool capable of improving the human rights situation within UN Member States, UPR Info launched the Stakeholders Engagement Programme (SEP) in 2018.

This Programme aims at increasing the participation of key national and international stakeholders in the UPR in an effective and strategic manner to bring about change at the national level.

We work with :

  • Human rights defenders
  • Journalists and media representatives
  • National human rights institutions (NHRIs)
  • Civil society organisations (CSOs) 
  • Parliamentarians
  • States, in their capacity of States under Review (SuR) and Recommending states
  • UN Agencies and UN Country Teams
  • Universities

The SEP uses a broad spectrum of integrated tactics:

Capacity building

We trained 800 stakeholders in 2022.

Building Networks and Partnerships

Increased activities with universities in different countries were organised in 2022.

Developing Tools and Analyses

New study on the impact of UPR recommendations in the 3rd UPR cycle was published in 2022.

By implementing these tactics, the SEP contributes to achieve UPR Info’s strategic goal aimed at  promoting and protecting human rights through the UPR mechanism.  In this framework, we provide support on specific focus themes:

ESC rights
Economic, Social and Cultural Rights
Women’s Rights
Integrating SDGs in the UPR
Youth Participation

For more information, please contact [email protected]