Azerbaijan rejects recommendations because they are made by Armenia and are "not within the scope of the UPR"

Azerbaijan rejected four recommendations during its UPR because they had been made by Armenia and because they were considered as "not [being] within the scope of the UPR".

Reviewed on 30 April 2013, Azerbaijan received 162 recommendations. The delegation decided to defer its responses to 158 of them and to reject the four recommendations coming from Armenia. Out of the four rejected recommendations, two called to "Ensure the freedom of expression" and to "Fully respect article 1 of the ICESCR and article 1 of the ICCPR". However, three recommendations made by Cyprus, Czech Republic, and Poland on the issue of freedom of expression were not rejected.

During its first UPR in 2009, Azerbaijan had already rejected recommendations from Armenia on the basis that they considered them as "not relevant since they [were] not factually correct and [did] not comply with the basis of the review stipulated in Human Rights Council Resolution 5/1".

On similar grounds, Syria had rejected recommendations during its review in 2011 because they had been made by the United States.

UPR report of Azerbaijan

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