For better UPR implementation, a NMIRF could provide a roadmap for Bangladesh.


Tamanna Hoq Riti, UPR Info’s National Focal Point (NFP) for Bangladesh has recently published a few articles on the national UPR process. In her articles, she highlights how adopting a national plan of action for the implementation of UPR commitments has been a long-standing demand of the mechanism, and now achieved has paved the way for the establishing of a National Mechanism for Monitoring and Follow-Up. This was also featured in the Letter sent to the Bangladeshi government by the High Commissioner for Human Rights after the 3rd UPR passage.

Moreover, she accentuates how these achievements have had an impact in the reporting process of other human rights obligations as well as the implementation of the SDGs.

Focusing on the NMRIF, Ms Hoq describes the process for its establishment this past year. In this context, several workshops were organized with the support of the Office of the United Nations Resident Coordinator and at the initiative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Where representatives of various ministries of the government and other concerned organizations participated, including a handful of CSOs.

In that regard, Ms Hoq’s second article (in Bangla) highlights efforts taken by CSOs to contribute to implementation, namely by cooperating with line ministries and the inter-ministerial committee and  presenting progress made in recommendations. She nonetheless remarks that further efforts need to be accomplished before the next UPR cycle of Bangladesh.

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