A call for State action to secure success in the third UPR cycle

UPR Info constantly monitors and supports the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) process and encourages all key stakeholders to engage with best practices of the mechanism. As the international community looks towards the third cycle, UPR Info calls for States to reflect on the UPR's successes and shortcomings to date.

It is with this in mind that UPR Info has published "Ensuring sustainable UPR Implementation: A call to action for States to strengthen the third cycle of the Universal Periodic Review".

Launching the paper at the UN Human Rights Council Retreat: Cooperation and dialogue at the Human Rights Council, in early September 2016, UPR Info focuses on the need for States to prioritise the implementation of recommendations and also on State reporting. This document lays out key actions both the State under Review and Recommending States should take in order to guarantee the success of the UPR in its third cycle, beginning in May 2017.

UPR Info believes that States are the driving force of the UPR. They are ultimately responsible for the functioning of this international human rights mechanism, and in using this guide States can deliver a successful third UPR cycle and make real advancements in human rights on the ground in every country across the world.

This paper focuses on each of the two priority areas, implementation and reporting, from the perspective of both the State under Review and that of the recommending States at the UPR, and puts forward 14 points for an effective UPR third cycle delivering sustainable implementation.

The document in full can be downloaded here.