Good Practices from Federal States in the UPR Process

We are pleased to invite you to “Good practices from Federal States in the UPR process”, a side event for the 48th Session of the Human Rights Council, taking place on 8 October  2021, from 10:00 to 11:00. Register here

The study is available in French and English

The uniqueness of the structure tied to federal levels in human rights implementation has prompted UPR Info to conduct a study in order to analyse this process through a set of States from across five continents. The analysis examines the way federal systems coordinate with their sub-national entities throughout the UPR cycle and how federated entities implement the recommendations specifically and identifies good practices. While acknowledging the importance of all stakeholders in the UPR process, this paper mainly focuses on the governmental structures of federal States. To limit the scope of the research, nine States, across different regions of the world, were examined, namely Australia, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Malaysia, Mexico, South Africa , Switzerland and the USA.


The overall purpose of this side event is to increase the engagement with human rights through the UPR, and specifically to:

  • Highlight the findings of UPR Info’s research study
  • Create a discussion on the UPR implementation in Federal States

The prime objective of the study is to analyse the official human rights coordination, monitoring, and implementation structures at the governmental levels. To further this context-specific implementation process within federal States, the role of other stakeholders and their engagement is showcased by providing some examples of good practices.


  • Sharing of existing good practices of Federal States in the implementation of UPR recommendations
  • Increasing awareness of on-going efforts to establish or strengthen national implementation processes


The side-event will involve a substantive panel discussion on the implementation, sharing of good practices and experiences from countries that are covered in the study.The meeting will be chaired by UPR Info’s Executive Director, Ms Mona M’Bikay.


Member States, UN agencies, National Human Rights Institutions, non-governmental organizations, members of parliament, academia, media and cities.


UPR Info with the support of Wallonie-Bruxelles International