HRC President sets up a task force to face up financial difficulties

The Bureau of the Human Rights Council (HRC), during its meeting of July the 8th, discussed, among other topics, the financial difficulties faced by the HRC. Mr. Shaaban, Under Secretary General for General Assembly and Conference Management and Mr. Vladimir Gratchev, Director of the Division of Conference Management were invited to brief the Bureau about the situation of UPR reports. Mr. Shaaban declared that the reports of the fourth session which have not been translated yet could be sent to contractual translation. Regarding the fifth session Working Group, the reports on Chad and Viet Nam will not be processed. Finally, he added that there would be difficulties with the processing of UPR sixth session documents.

In conclusion, it was decided that a task force composed of representatives from the HRC, the OHCHR and the Division of Conference Management be established in order to prepare an action orientated paper with practical suggestions for solutions.