New modalities for NGOs to register on the speakers' list for UPR reports' adoption

The modalities for NGO registration on the speaker's list for the UPR Working Group Reports' adoption at the Human Rights Council (HRC) plenary session have changed. NGOs used to register in person the day before speaking. Now, the modalities are the same as for any other item of the HRC: NGOs need to register online the Friday before the beginning of the HRC session and to confirm in person at the List of Speakers Desk in Room XX the day before speaking. There will still be only ten slots which will be allocated on a first come, first serve basis.

The online form to submit is available here.

These new modalities will be effective at this upcoming 21st HRC session (10-28 September). The list will open on Friday 7 September at 2pm. NGOs will also have the possibility to make a video statement (read more here). It is not yet indicated when the list of speakers will be published.