New proposal for registration on UPR speakers list

The Secretariat of the Human Rights Council (the Secretariat) circulated on 26 August a non-paper containing proposals to improve modalities on the registration to the list of speakers at the UPR Working Group and Human Rights Council (HRC) sessions under item 6.

The Secretariat suggests to divide the 60 slots usually available during the interactive dialogue between the five regional groups: Africa (17), Asia (17), EEG (8), Grulac (10) and WEOG (9). The coordinator of each group would present a list of States willing to speak. The slots left empty by a regional group could be used by other groups on the basis of the same repartition.

The list of speakers for the HRC plenary sessions where 10 slots are available would follow the same idea of regional repartition with an emphasis on the regional group of the State under Review.