North Korea provides responses to... first cycle recommendations

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) published this week its responses to recommendations received... during their first UPR in December 2009. Due to be reviewed a second time later on today, DPRK had failed in the first cycle to identify accepted recommendations. It had rejected 50 recommendations at the Working Group stage but did not provide clarity during the Human Rights Council adoption on the 117 other recommendations.

However, a few days before its second UPR, in an annex to its second cycle national report, the delegation decided to publish its responses to those first cycle recommendations. Out of the 117 that had previously been noted, 81 are now fully accepted ("recommendations that are implemented or currently under implementation"), 6 are partially accepted ("recommendations some parts of which are accepted and currently under implementation"), 15 do not enjoy the State's support and 15 are further noted ("recommendations that are difficult to accept under present circumstances, however, are reserved for consideration in the future").

Read a full summary of DPRK's responses to first cycle recommendations in our document.

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