Padova Model UPR: Call For Applications

The University of Padova call for applications to the 3rd edition of the Annual Padova Model UPR is now open!

The Padova UPR Model is designed to recreate the United Nations Universal Periodic Review as an educational activity on the international human rights mechanism. Participating teams will represent their assigned state in consideration of its political environment and will participate in the mock drafting of positions, interactive dialogue, adoption of reports, and civil society contributions.

This event offers students from all over the world an opportunity to learn about human rights, democracy and diplomacy. The 2019 edition, to which UPR Info has participated, was featured in the highlights of the UN campaign "Stand Up for Human Rights".

The Padova UPR Model will take place on 24-27 November 2020 in Padova, Italy. However, in the case that Covid-19 presents a limitation to travel and/or in-person attendance, the Padova Model UPR 2020 may be adapted to a partially or completely remote/online platform.

Participation is open both to teams and individual players. The online application is now open and the deadline for submission is on September at 1 pm. For any questions and doubt, do not hesitate to contact the Student Secretariat at model.upr@unipd-centrodirittiumani.it.

For more information, including on the breakdown of the simulation process, visit the Padova Model UPR 2020 page.