Preparing for the Pre-session and the UPR on Armenia

In preparation for the Pre-session and the UPR of Armenia, Open Society Foundations-Armenia invited UPR Info to provide a two-day training seminar to human rights defenders on the opportunities for engagement in the Universal Periodic Review.
The first day featured a presentation of the UPR mechanism, lobbying and the follow-up. The group included human rights NGO coalition members and journalists. Many questions were raised about the efficiency of the UPR mechanism, the utility of the mechanism to the defenders’ national activities and the consequences for States’ non-cooperation in the UPR.
The second day included an advanced training for seasoned UPR participants, with a special focus on lobbying. The group engaged in a new exercise called “speed-lobbying”, a way to enhance their lobbying skills. In a short amount of time, the participants had to clearly present their objectives, means for achieving those objectives, and the long-term expectations. The same group of defenders will travel to Geneva, Switzerland next week to participate in the pre-sessions.
In total, approximately 30 human rights representatives attended the training seminars in Yerevan. The Pre-session on Armenia will be held on Tuesday, 2 December 2014 at 10:30 in Room 5 of the Centre International de Conférences de Genève (CICG), 17 rue de Varembé. Armenia’s human rights record will be reviewed during the 21st UPR session, 19-30 January 2015.
Open Society Foundations-Armenia is a grantmaking foundation that aims to promote an open society by advocating for democracy and respect for human rights, as well as through economic, legal and social reforms.

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