Press Release

As part of UPR Info’s strategy for the second phase of its In-country programme (ICP), UPR Info has decided, as directed by its Board, to close UPR Info Africa office based in Nairobi. This step has been taken to reflect an organizational change of strategy that will ensure the sustainability and national ownership of UPR activities and allow us to strengthen partnerships with governments, national human rights institutions, parliaments and civil society organisations.

UPR Info Africa was open from 2015 until end of 2019. The regional office carried out activities in Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia, Ghana, Uganda, Sierra Leone to name a few and demonstrated the opportunities offered by the UPR to advance the realization of human rights. In Kenya, the collaborative work between national stakeholders led to the development of a joint Government-CSO implementation matrix. The fruitful cooperation for the implementation phase contributed to build trust between actors and then resulted in multi-stakeholder consultations in the drafting of UPR midterm reports in 2018.

UPR Info will be continuing supporting the engagement in the UPR of African civil society organizations, NHRIs and governments. The organization will be working with a regional adviser with an expertise of the continent. In Asia, focal points per country will be supporting UPR Info carrying out its activities.
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For more information: contact: Mona M’Bikay, Executive Director, Phone: +41 (0) 22 321 77 70, m.mbikay@upr-info.org