Recommendations referring to the 1st cycle highlighted in a UPR report

UPR Info would like to underline a new positive practice appearing in the Working Group reports, and will encourage it in the next UPR sessions.

The UPR report of Israel contains indeed a sub-heading in its section II listing the recommendations which identifies recommendations pertaining to the follow-up of the first cycle. Named "Follow-up to the UPR", it includes two recommendations made by Oman and Libya:

- ’Commit to the implementation of all the recommendations received at the first UPR’ (made by Oman); 
- ’Commit completely to implement the outcome of the first UPR’ (made by Libya).

This is the first time in the UPR second cycle that a sub-heading is used to gather recommendations referring to first cycle recommendations. This is very positive as it will facilitate the follow-up by highlighting recommendations that are being repeated and maintain a high level of accountability among States.

UPR Info encourages States to make better reference to the recommendations they had made during the first cycle, notably by finishing the wording of the recommendation with "as recommended during the first cycle". A separate section, such as for Israel, should be created in every Working Group report.

Countries: Israel