Sharing best practices in Uganda

Between 9 and 11 August, UPR Info Africa delivered a presentation on Best Practices for the Implementation of the Recommendations at the Uganda Interactive Dialogue workshop between Government and members of the Civil and Political Rights Cluster Group that was organised by FHRI and ACTV.

The meeting was held at the Royal Suites Hotel in Kampala, Uganda and attended by over 40 participants.

The discussions proved fruitful as it was made apparent that Ugandan CSOs have developed a strong system of ensuring UPR monitoring and implementation through the creation of UPR Regional Committees and Annual UPR Implementation Conferences/Conventions. It was also made clear that the UPR has provided the impetus needed for the development of a National Policy and Action Plan on Human Rights and that the government have put practices in place to train the police and prison officers on human rights and torture but again the lack of funds for these policies was raised.

The participants developed and adopted a very progressive Workshop Outcome Charter.

Countries: Uganda