States oppose the use of endnotes by Sri Lanka to comment recommendations

The adoption of the Working Group report on Sri Lanka was delayed due to discussions among States about the use by the delegation of endnotes to comment recommendations.

The Report on Sri Lanka was presented on Monday 5 November to the Working Group on the UPR. It contained, after the list of recommendations, 43 endnotes providing comments by the delegation on recommendations. It was the first time that endnotes were used in a report by the State under Review to provide comments on recommendations. According to Human Rights Council resolution A/HRC/RES/6/21, comments to recommendations are to be provided in writing in a separate document.

During the adoption, the United States and Switzerland took the floor to ask for the endnotes to be removed from the report and put in an addendum.

Sri Lanka agreed and the addendum will be publish before the next session of the Human Rights Council in March 2013.

Draft report of the Working Group of Sri Lanka

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