Strengthening the 4th Cycle of UPR

Civil Society Consultations Image

Following a process of informal consultations with civil society which started in the summer of 2021, UPR Info is pleased to publish the Outcome Report of the 4th Cycle Consultations with Civil Society. The report presents the key findings and recommendations on how civil society can continue to contribute to the strengthening of the UPR  in the  4th cycle.  Greater collaboration between stakeholders and the broader accessibility and inclusivity of the UPR process are just a few of the issues highlighted in the report.

The objective of the informal consultations was to provide a space for constructive dialogue among civil society representatives to identify challenges and suggest solutions to effectively engage in the new UPR cycle. This process was carried out in three phases:

During the first phase, UPR Info launched a survey for civil society, including, NGOs, associations, national human rights institutions (NHRIs), parliamentarians and academics to assess the technical and procedural aspects of the UPR from the preparation of the review to the implementation phase. The survey was available online in English, French, and Spanish to ensure that feedback from a wide group regional actors could be included in the assessment.

In the second phase, UPR Info hosted a two-day online debate with civil society actors. The agenda of the informal discussion was guided by the issues highlighted in the survey to ensure that the discussion reflected the concerns of civil society. More than 150 people attended the consultations online.

Finally, the third phase of the consultation process consisted in analysing and compiling the outcomes of the surveys and the online debate to publish the Outcome Report.

To read the full report, click here