Turkey rejects recommendations from Cyprus because it does not recognize it

For its second UPR, Turkey rejected again all the recommendations from Cyprus because it does not recognize the country.

Reviewed a second time on 27 January 2015, Turkey accepted 199 recommendations, including 46 of which were considered as being "already implemented or in the process of implementation", left 52 pending until the Human Rights Council 29th session in June 2015, and rejected 27. Among those 27, Turkey declared in the report of the Working Group that it rejected the 7 recommendations made by Cyprus because it "does neither recognize the Republic of Cyprus nor accept its claim s to represent the whole island".

Those recommendations raised several issues, including the ratification of the Rome statute of the International Criminal Court, freedom of opinion and expression, freedom of association and peaceful assembly, women's rights, and freedom of religion and belief. Recommendations made on similar issues by other countries were accepted by Turkey.

During their first review, Turkey also rejected the recommendations from Cyprus for the same reasons. Similarly, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Syria have also rejected recommendations during their UPR because of the country making them.

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