Universality preserved: Israel expected to be reviewed on Tuesday 29 October 2013

For the second time this year, Israel is expected to appear for its second Universal Periodic Review (UPR) in Geneva on Tuesday 29 October 2013. Israel was the first state to be absent from its Universal Periodic Review on 29 January 2013. Prime Minister Netanyahu confirmed on Sunday 27 October that his country will participate in its UPR, resuming cooperation with the Human Rights Council (the Council). 80 countries have registered in order to take the floor, and will have 1:40 to make their recommendations to Israel.

As a matter of fact, on 29 January 2013, Israel failed to undergo its review before the UPR Working Group. At that time, States did not agree on whether the non-participation of Israel was a case of "persistent non-cooperation" as contained in article 38 of resolution 5/1 which the Council can "address", and the latter missed the opportunity to define the "persistent non-cooperation". At UPR Info, we have started reflecting on what persistent non-cooperation is, and will continue to push forward this topic to be discussed amongst the Council.

We believe that the 25th session of the Council will be the appropriate time to:
1/ Define the concept of “persistent non-cooperation” as contained in article 38 of resolution 5/1; and
2/ Define the consequences of persistent non-cooperation.

UPR Info is pleased to see Israel resume its cooperation, as their participation will guarantee the universality of the UPR and, as it was an active recommending State until it suspended cooperation with the Council.

The national report is due to be available this afternoon and will be posted on our website as soon as possible.

UPDATE: National report of Israel

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