UPR Info Annual Report 2019 Now Online!

annual report 2019

UPR Info has issued its 2019 Annual Report, which offers a concise summary of the work carried out by the organization over the past year.

In 2019, UPR Info’s work and engagement in the promotion of human rights through the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) was recognized by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation Parliament. The organization continued its efforts to reach a wider range of stakeholders and further build the capacity of its beneficiaries, while consolidating and expanding the scope of it three Programmes.

The Pre-sessions Programme became the Policy and Advocacy Programme, reflecting the work of the organization at the policy level to strengthen the UPR within the framework of consultations on the reform of the Human Rights Council (HRC). UPR Info also contributed to panel discussions, seizing the opportunity presented by the UPR to prevent human rights violations, to ensure a synergy with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and share good practices for an effective engagement in the UPR process.

The Stakeholders Programme strengthened its support to UPR stakeholders by offering online trainings, providing support to States under Review before the interactive dialogue, and developing a new curriculum to assist national actors draft UPR monitoring plans with human rights indicators.

The In-country Programme continued to offer technical assistance in the field proposing advanced training sessions using tools developed in conjunction with the Stakeholders Programme, involving Embassies in the UPR process and facilitating exchanges with national stakeholders. The year 2019 marked the end of the organization’s three-year In-country and Pre-sessions projects.

Over the last three years, the organization has adapted its activities to better respond to the needs of its beneficiaries and support national stakeholders to implement UPR recommendations and improve the human rights situation for all on the ground. UPR Info has modified its focus of work from awareness raising to capacity building, while at the same time enhancing the ownership of national actors over the UPR process by engaging at an earlier stage with the government and encouraging a collaborative work between stakeholders. Furthermore, UPR Info also strengthened the mainstreaming of a gender and human rights-based approach in its programming.

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