UPR Info co-organised a follow-up conference in Ethiopia

On 5 January 2015, UPR Info co-held a conference in Ethiopia on the follow-up to the 2nd cycle UPR recommendations with the participation of the Government, academics and civil society.

Organised in partnership with the Addis Ababa University Law School, the one-day meeting entitled “A Platform for Dialogue and Experience Sharing on the Universal Periodic Review: Post-UPR Conference on Ethiopia Accepted Recommendations” brought together government officials, policy makers, academics, practitioners and civil society at large to share experiences and best practices on how to implement UPR recommendations.

The conference was organized into three parts. It started with an introduction to the UPR and a description of the Ethiopian process by the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) and UPR Info. The second part was dedicated to the presentation by academics of the recommendations received by Ethiopia during its second review and how they related to the National Human Rights Action Plan (NHRAP). The last part of the conference aimed at explaining and sharing a “monitoring tool” developed by UPR Info to be used as a road map to support and monitor the implementation.
The conference was attended by over 50 participants, including representatives of the MFA, the Ministry of Justice, the EHRC, the Addis Ababa University and Law School, civil society organisations, and the media.

Countries: Ethiopia