UPR Info co-organises a CSO strategy workshop in Nepal

On 7-9 December 2015, UPR Info, together with INSEC, The World Lutheran Federation, Forum Asia, Fian Nepal and Plan Nepal International, organised the “CSO strategy workshop on implementation of UPR recommendations”.

The purpose of the workshop was to better equip civil society in Nepal to utilise the UPR Working Group recommendations to advance their human rights priorities and to ensure a better coordination among Nepalese CSOs and human rights defenders. 

During the three-day workshop, Nepalese civil society members discussed their experience with the UPR mechanism; reviewed the 211 recommendations that Nepal received in November 2015; wrote an implementation plan to propose solutions for how the recommendations should be implemented; outlined an action strategy to identify activities, including lobbying, to ensure UPR implementation; and finally adopted an outcome charter in which CSOs defined and agreed on priorities for the implementation of the recommendations. Please download the outcome charter here.

Overall, more than 50 civil society members participated in the workshop from various organisations that represented issues as diverse as: justice; rights of the child; freedom of expression; women’s rights; access to health, food and water; and LGBTI people

“CSO strategy workshop on implementation of UPR recommendations” is the first step of the UPR Info's follow-up activities in Nepal. A similar workshop was already held in Armenia, Kenya, Mongolia, Malawi and Rwanda over the course of 2015, and more such workshops will be organised in more countries in 2016.

We look forward organising the "dialogue-day" among representatives from the Government, CSOs and UN Agencies, that will take place in May 2016, after the official adoption of the UPR working group of Nepal that will take place in April 2016.

More information about the follow-up programme here.

Countries: Nepal