The UPR: Transformational Changes on the Ground

Flyer_upr beyond reporting

UPR Info and the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) are pleased to invite you to the launch of The UPR: Beyond Reporting, an event on the margins of the 50th Session of the Human Rights Council, taking place on 7 July 2022, at 1:30 to 3:00 PM CEST.

The event will be held in the conference room at Rue Varembé 1 (ground floor), Geneva.

Join us for an exciting dialogue among UN, States and civil society panellist to hear how UPR recommendations have led to transformational changes on the ground. We will highlight the key findings of the study by addressing topics such as the development of national strategy to combat racial discrimination and other forms of intolerance, the decriminalisation of abortion, the establishment of a national human rights institution, and the elaboration of a public policy to combat HIV/AIDS.

The event will also be an occasion to share emerging promising/good practices and lessons learnt from the 3rd UPR cycle on the different ways through which States and other stakeholders have engaged in the follow- up phase of UPR recommendations.

Light refreshments will be served at the end of the discussion. The launch event will be in English.


  • Mr Gianni Magazzeni, Chief of the UPR Branch, OHCHR
  • Ms Valeria Reyes Menendez, Lecturer, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú
  • Mr Michel Anglade, Director Geneva Office, Save the Children
  • Mr Michiel Hoornick, Consultant, Institute Statelessness and Inclusion
  • Ms Salome Lienert, Program Officer, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung

Moderator: Ms Mona M'Bikay, Executive Director of UPR Info

There will be an open debate at the end of the panel. We invite participants to frame their interventions/comments around the following guiding questions:

  • Can you highlight one example of good practice put in place by a State and/or other Stakeholder to implementation of UPR recommendations?
  • How have these good practices contributed or are contributing to achieve transformational changes at the national level?
  • What are, in your experience, the main challenges, to achieve more progress in the ground?

Hard copies of the publication will be made available during the event in the original version and the translated versions from English to Spanish and French will be available online.