THE UPR and Other Mecanisms

The UPR, a Human Rights Mechanism


The UPR is one of many entry points for UN engagement on human rights. As a peer-review process, UPR recommendations are issued by fellow States and complement or reiterate other recommendations issued by UN expert human rights bodies such as the Treaty Bodies and Special Procedures of the HRC and OHCHR. When put together, these three mechanisms are mutually reinforcing and complement one another to drive progress in the field of human rights.

Moreover, the UPR is closely linked to the  Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Human rights monitoring mechanisms like the UPR can clearly guide and assess SDGs implementation, including by identifying salient issues and vulnerable groups, and by suggesting concrete measures to overcome gaps. In this regard, the Universal Human Rights Index is a practical tool as it compiles all recommendations issued by human rights mechanisms on each country and shows their complementarity with SDGs.