Belgium diplomats trained on how to make precise recommendations

UPR Info provided a presentation on the UPR to over 80 diplomats of the Belgium Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Brussels on 27 October 2015.

The presentation aimed at discussing the impact of the UPR, the role of Belgium in the mechanism and provided some insights on how to ensure that recommendations made by the delegation are precise and action-oriented.

Belgium is the 25th country in terms of number of recommendations made at the UPR. 46% of the recommendations they make are specific, well above the 33% average. UPR Info shared data on the UPR process such as the list of most active States and most raised issues. The precision of recommendations, and how to use the SMART method in that regard, were also discussed in details. Finally, the role of a "recommending state" throughout the UPR process was presented, from consulting NGOs prior to the review to supporting all stakeholders in the implementation phase after the review.

UPR Info supports all actors which engage with the UPR mechanism and as such runs a Government-oriented programme. UPR Info recently published a Guide for Recommending states at the UPR, held its second seminar on ‘The role of Recommending States at the UPR’. A similar training session was provided to the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs earlier this year.

Countries: Belgium