Preparing for Geneva: Mock UPR Session with Uzbek Delegation


On October 16, UPR Info’s In-country Programme (ICP) and the OHCHR Regional Office for Central Asia held a mock Universal Periodic Review Working Group session with the Uzbek delegation in Tashkent to prepare them for the country’s upcoming review on November 8. At the beginning of the event, ICP and OHCHR presented the timeline of Uzbekistan’s fourth UPR cycle.

The mock UPR session enabled the State delegation to familiarise themselves with the procedure followed by the Human Rights Council during the session of the UPR Working Group and the presentation of the national report. It is an excellent opportunity to understand the review in its entirety and prepare answers to questions asked in advance. 

During the mock session, made-up recommendations were read out to the delegates allowing them to practise taking notes and responding to concerns brought up by recommending States. 

Countries: Uzbekistan