Thailand: Training of Trainers on the importance of ‘credible evidence’ for effective human rights documentation

More than 20 focal points of the Thai CSOs Coalition for the UPR met on 12th October for a three-day workshop to assess the coalition's capacity to gather credible evidence for effective human rights documentation. The event, ‘Training of Trainers on the Importance of Credible Evidence for Effective Human Rights Documentation’ was co-organised by UPR Info Asia with the Thai CSOs Coalition for the UPR, the Rights and Liberties Protection Department of the Ministry of Justice, and with the financial support of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO). The workshop launched a series of sub-regional capacity-building workshops to be hosted in Thailand throughout the remainder of 2016, in which the focal points will lead key discussions.

UPR Info Asia invited International Human Rights Lawyer, Matthew Bugher, to deliver training on the best practice of conducting and documenting ‘credible’ evidence to support the Universal Periodic Review. The event follows the final adoption of 187 recommendations from the Thai Government during the 2nd UPR Cycle. The cycle, now in the implementation phase, requires strong collaboration between civil society and government to effectively implement the accepted recommendations.

The Thai CSO coalition will work with local and national government agencies to establish key indicators to track the implementation of each accepted recommendation. Focal points will form working groups based on their human rights field to review each recommendation and form an Action Plan. Working groups include; civil and political rights; business and human rights; natural resources and land rights; rights of religious minorities; women’s rights; sexual and reproductive rights; sexual orientation, gender identity and expression; rights of people living with disabilities; rights of indigenous peoples; rights of elderly people; rights of children; rights of refugee, asylum seekers and stateless persons; rights of migrants.

UPR Info Asia is hosting the sub-regional workshops with the aim of strengthening the Thai CSOs Coalition for the UPR’s ability to set indicators to assess the progress of the government. The workshops will foster inclusive dialogue to ensure all human rights issues are being recognised throughout the implementation phase.

The first of four sub-regional workshops will commence in Thailand’s North-Eastern district in Khon Kaen on 1st November.

For more information of upcoming events, please see the UPR Info calendar, or email office-asia@upr-info.org.

Countries: Thailand