The vast majority of recommendations at the 26th UPR Session supported

The 26th Session of the UPR Working Group took place from 31st October to 11th November 2016 during which 2,461 recommendations were made to the 11 States under Review: Haiti, Iceland, Lithuania, Moldova (Republic of), South Sudan, Syrian Arab Republic, Timor Leste, Togo, Uganda, Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of), and Zimbabwe

It is important to underscore that of the 2,461 recommendations received by the 11 States, 1,908 (77%) were supported and 553 (23%) were noted. Amongst the issues raised during the 26th Session, the top five were: International Instruments (564), Women’s Rights (460), Rights of the Child (456), Torture (201), and Justice (192). It is also worth noting that issues related to International Humanitarian Law and Labour were identified during this Session. After analysis, UPR Info has found that 1,018 (41,37%) recommendations were a category 5 in accordance with UPR Info’s ranking.

The recommendations are now available on our database