What if politics prioritized human rights?


The 54th World Economic Forum Annual Meeting concluded last week, uniting a diverse assembly of global leaders, policymakers, business executives, and civil society representatives. 

Against the backdrop of escalating geopolitical tensions, these leaders focused on rebuilding trust to tackle global challenges and steer towards a more sustainable and equitable future.

human rights economy

In recent months, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights has been calling for a shift towards a "human rights economy." This involves designing and assessing policies based on their impacts on people and their fundamental rights. 

This growing concept underscores the urgency of reshaping economic strategies to ensure they align with human rights principles and address the pressing needs of global populations.

In the Tribune de Genève's International Chronicle, Mona M'Bikay, executive director of UPR Info, delves into this topic.   Ms M'Bikay notes that the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) can encourage States to adopt economic policies grounded in a human rights framework, offering recommendations to enhance access to health, education, food, and housing for all. The article highlights a few good practices implemented by countries such as New Zealand, Canada and Albania, among others.

Read the full article here (only available in French).