UPR Info in Venice to share its experience with students

UPR Info's Programmes Manager Jean-Claude Vignoli was invited on Monday 12 May to give a training on the UPR to students of six Master Programmes and Diplomas in Human Rights and Democratisation. Along with preeminent human rights experts, Jean-Claude Vignoli explained that the UPR is a unique mechanism with unique outcomes and challenges.

The one-week seminar was organised by the European Inter-University Centre for Human Rights and Democratisation (EIUC) in the Human Rights Village in Venice. UPR Info had the opportunity to encourage students from around the world to dedicate their time and talents to the UPR. Whilst the mechanism was started in 2008 and covers all human rights of 193 countries, very little academic research has been carried out so far.
Reminding the principles (cooperation, transparency) and challenges (persistent non-cooperation, the increasing number of recommendation) of the UPR, Jean-Claude Vignoli presented the current thinking on the mechanism. For their part, students presented their analysis on the implementation of recommendations in Italy and Belarus.

The EIUC was founded in 2002 on a commitment to the realisation of the values promoted by the EU, the promotion of high-level inter-disciplinary human rights education. It is an interdisciplinary centre of excellence formed by 41 universities from all European Union Member States.

Photo credit: EIUC

Países: Belarus Italy