Reaching 35'000 recommendations

The 2,388 recommendations made during the 18th session of the UPR Working Group (January 2014) are now available in our database, amounting to over 35,000 recommendations made since the inception of the UPR in 2008.

A total of 140 States took the floor on Afghanistan, Cambodia, Chile, Comoros, Cyprus, Dominican Republic, Eritrea, Macedonia FYR, New Zealand, Slovakia, Uruguay, Vanuatu, Viet Nam, and Yemen. Among the 140 "recommending States", it was the first time for the Solomon Islands to make recommendations.

The average number of recommendations received by each State under Review was 170, which is a decrease from session 16 and 17. From the "recommending States"’ perspective, each made an average of 2.5 recommendations to each State under Review.

The number of specific recommendations (category 5 in our database) was 29.3%, the lowest of the second cycle (31.8% on average for session 13 to 17) and the fourth lowest of both cycle, after sessions 1, 4 and 5 (respectively 25.8%, 29.2% and 27.8%).

The three main issues raised by delegations remained women’s rights, the rights of the child and international instruments.

Pledges and voluntary commitments made by States under Review at session 18 have also been added to the database.