States are doing better in terms of reporting at mid-term

In a statement delivered on 24 June 2014, Roland Chauville, UPR Info's executive director, commended a positive trend which "testifies that States progressively see that their engagement in the Council requires reporting at mid-term". He also added that "the number of mid-term reports submitted to the Council has dramatically increased: approximately half of the reports were so published during the last 20 months period." Finally, he underlined that former HRC President H.E. Phuangketkeow presented Thailand's mid-term report: "Thailand is the first South East Asian country to provide such document, so we congratulate its dedication to show the way to neighbouring countries."

The importance of reporting at mid-term has already been demonstrated on many occasions; the drafting process enables ministries to coordinate and set up appropriate focal points in charge of the implementation. It is also an opportunity to revisit noted recommendations and see if some of those could be accepted and implemented.

Read the statement delivered under item 6.

Photo: UN webcast