31 States provide insights on their drafting process for UPR statements

Mandat International and UPR Info have been requested by a number of NGOs to conduct a survey seeking out the process through which States draft their interventions for the UPR working group. The aim of this survey is to improve NGOs understanding of these processes, in a view to facilitate their interaction and advocacy efforts with States. For the latter, the survey is designed as an opportunity to inform NGOs about their preferences as to how and when NGOs should contact them, in a view to save time and make the process more efficient for both.

The survey has been conducted between January and March 2012, and has been addressed to all Geneva-based Permanent Missions. We publish here the 31 responses received.

A shorter document containing only the responses on the timing for lobbying and the preferences in terms of countries or issues is also available in English, French and Spanish.